how to add libraries to the online search option

Does anyone know how to add libraries to the online search option in Endnote X4?

I need U of Calif-Los Angeles.enz and U California.enz.

I am going from X1 to X4, and in X1 I had all the libraries I could possibly want right there, but in X4 they don’t have any of the University of California libraries (which are among some of the best in the world), while it does include some obscure libraries such as the library of the university of Catalunya (which I am sure is great but how many Catalanes are using Endnote X4 versus how many people in the University of California system… this version of Endnote seems to be full of counter-intuitive, strage choices on the part of the programmers…)

[Corrected message]

Due to the large number of connection files, only a limited number of files (to the exclusion of the UCs) is maintained so as not to bog down EndNote’s processing ability.

  1. To locate the desired UC connection files go to the EndNote connection’s web page:

  2. Search the site and and download the desired connection (.enz) files to your computer then copy the files into the EndNote “Connections Folder”.

  3. Activate the EndNote program and select the connection file [go to the toolbar, select EDIT, CONNECTION FILES, OPEN CONNECTION MANAGER.]

And since you may be reinstalling EndnoteX4 anyway, you can (1) customize the installation, and select filters and connection files to install (but keep a select set and download later from the web resource, styles you arent’ sure you will ever use)  or (2) copy the ones you want to use from your X1 Programs folder - to the X4 default folder or to your My Documents/Endnote/connections folder (which you may have to create (or will be created for you when you download and save files from the website as described by CrazyGecko). 

another new feature implemented in X2 and later, is that since Vista/2007 Windows Operating systems don’t allow users to write to the folders in the Program Folder folders, there are two places that endnote keeps the Filters/Connections/Styles files.  Your user accessible folder (defined in your preferences and defaulting to the MyDocuments/Endnote location) and the write protected installed set. 

But keep the total sets to less than 200-300 max for each, or the program really slows down.