How to add "state" to APA 6th template for books?

I am using Endnote X3 and have installed the APA 6th style.  However, only city shows in my book and book section references.  How do I add state so the my references show as New York, NY for example,


Your reference needs “New York, NY” in the City field.

Also suggest you check your APA manual as certain major/uniquely recognizable cities (e.g., New York) do not need to have the state (NY) listed so it can be excluded from the reference record.

How do I do that?

@lorrettajd wrote:
How do I do that?

Sorry, lorettajd but I’m unclear if you’re directing your question to myoshigi or to me. But if you’re asking me, there’s a page in the APA manual which provides a list of major, well-known cities that do not need to have the state included in the reference.  One such city is in your example:  New York. 

So for your book when you come to the “City” field in the EndNote book reference, all you need to enter is:  New York  (not “New York, NY”) . Due to the APA list of exceptions, the state (NY) is unnecessary.