How add 'Place Published' to bibliography template

Hi all, 

I’m trying to add ‘Place Published’ to the reference types ‘Book’ and ‘Contribution to an edited book’ in the bibliography templates. I use the APA 6th output style. However, neither in the Book not the Contribution to an edited book can I select ‘Place Published’ from the ‘insert field’ menu. Does anyone know how I can add this field to the template?

Any help is very much appreciated!

I don’t see an “out of the box” ref type ‘Contribution to an edited book’ (-- I have ‘book section’ to cover that sort of record).  If it is a newly created ref type – you should check whether the field was defined in the preferences ref type for that one.  Unless the ref type for “book” has been altered on your endnote installation, I don’t see why the ‘Place Published’ should not be there.  See attachment for these settings.  

Thank you for the help! I already found a workaround solution by using another field which is defined in the style and move all info of place published to that field. But in retrorespect I think I could also have added ‘place published’ in the settings as you indicated.