View attachments from the reference list pane


This was suggested by others in the other  forums, but it does seem to have been suggested here:

To open the pdf attachment for a reference you have to:

  1. open the reference (double click)

  2. go to ‘attachments’ (scroll, scroll, scroll)

  3. open the attachment (double click, again)

  4. Close reference to get back to the library pane

Multiply this ‘to-do’ list by the number of references with attachments you need to go through to decide which to include in a lit review, and you start to wonder:

Why doesn’t the paper clip in the library pane simply link to the attached file?

By the way - I LOVE EndNote, it’s changing the way I work after I’ve spent only a week with it, but there’s always room for improvement :wink:


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(At least in X4 and X5)  you can right click on the record in Library Display view, and go to File attachments and go down to “open file” but it would be nice if you could choose between multiple attachments there, as this only works with openning  the first attached file. the PDF viewer is supposed to eliminate having to open it at all, I guess, but again, this is hardwired to only open the first file. 

Thanks for the feedback. I would also like to mention that there are shortcut keys to open file attachments from the library window. On Windows, it’s Ctr+Alt+P and on Mac, it’s Command+Alt+P. This opens the first one attached so it doesn’t address the multiple attachment scenarion Leanne mentions.

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

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