Emergency! Rebuild data base and saving a database!

I am finsihsing my PhD , we got the Reference manager 12 after building my 6 years database on reference manager 11. Also I got the windows 7, Microsoft 10. Suddenly with some references I am trying to put in I get the messagge  RPC server is unavailable and the Reference manager closed.

I need a solution. I read that I need to re-build the database, but I would like to save what I got just now in case that re-building mean deleting my current database of 6 Years work.

Can someone explain to me what re-build database will do?

Any other suggestion?

How I save my database under Reference Manager 12 umbrella?


The process to rebuild a database involves copying the RMD file to another location and then selecting to Rebuild from the Reference Manager software. This will re-index the database and create a new RMX file. Please see our knowledge base article with those instructions:


You can create a backup copy of the RMD and RMX files before you follow these steps. If the problem persists, please contact Technical Support: