How to change in text citation


Currently, my citations are posting like this when I click insert citation (Wilby, 2019 #10) I would like it to post like this (Wilby, 2019) is there any way of doing this?

Assuming you are seeing {curly brackets} around the # versions (and not regular parentheses), you are seeing the endnote temporary citations.  In word, make sure the output style you wish to use is showing on the endnote ribbon, and look for the “instant formating is OFF” item on that ribbon and click it to turn “ON”.  If it already say “ON” then try “Update Citations and Bibliography” option.  If neither of those work, try “Convert Citations and Bibliography” picking “convert to unformated citations” and then try the update option above.  if that doesn’t work then it is time to call Technical Support directly (1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1