need help customizing the citation

hi there, i am trying to cite but eveytime it gives me this formatting: (Klokkevold, 2007 #9) and i want it to look like this: (Klokkevold & Han, 2007) … (Author 1 & Author 2, Year) … if there are more than 2 then ( Author 1 et al., Year) … how can i do that? thanks a lot!


What you’re seeing is an EndNote temporary citation.  This temporary citation acts as a placeholder until the citation becomes formatted.  To turn this temporary citation into a formatted citation, in Word, you’d want to press the “Update Citations and Bibliography” command on the “EndNote x” tab in Word if you’re on Windows, or “Tools>EndNote x>Update Citations and Bibliography” command if you’re on a Mac.

Please let me know if this helps.

Was it accurate that you are seeing the temporary citation in regular parentheses?  – If so, you settings need to be changed back to curly brackets in either the format bibliography menu (for the specific manuscript), and/or in the edit>preferences.  It will cause problems if you keep it as regular parentheses.