Getting { brackets with only 1 author's name followed by # and a random number in Endote x7 windows


I am inserting selected references into my word document from endote 7.4 using  APA 6th style. it was working fine then half way through the document all my references are coming up within a { } bracket, only including the first author and followed by # with a random number. When i click on it in my word document it doesnt highilght in grey. If I change referencing styles all the correct references change but this stays the same. Not sure whats happening - any suggestions? Thank-you

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The format of your curly-brace citations are known as “temporary citations” and appear when Endnote’s “Instant Formatting” is turned off (intentionally or accidentally). The temporary citations display just the author name, year, and Endnote record number (which is a unique number assigned to each record entered into Endnote).

To turn on Instant formatting go to the Endnote X7 section in the MS Word ribbon just below the “Categorize References” click the pull down menu to select “Instant Formatting is on”. Theformatted in-text citations and references should be automatically generated but if not click the “Update Citations and Bibliography” command.

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