How to change straight quotation marks to curly ones?

Hi does anyone have any idea how to turn straight quotation marks " to curly ones “ ?

I have intext references that have straight marks and i want to change them to culry ones so as to make my document consistient.





EndNote supports UTF-8, so you should be able to choose a different style that already uses curly quotes or create a new one from scratch (you may also be able to modify the style, depending on the license terms).

Depending on your authoring software, there might also be an auto-format tool that can convert quotes for you.

Thanks for the response. I have tried changing the style and font, but to no avail.

I think the easiest way will be to create a new document without the field codes and change the marks manually.

From Ross, in the archives:

To get curly quotes in your style, edit your style to replace the
straight quotes with curly ones:

1 Go to Edit > Edit Output Styles > Edit “[current style]”
2 You will find the templates under both Bibliography and Footnotes
3 Type a curly quote in a word processing document and copy it
4 Paste it into the templates where you want it, replacing the straight
ones in each reference type
5 Save and close

You only have to do this once and all citations should reflect the
changes thereafter.


If the quotes are in the reference itself, then you either change each in the library (I use a similar cut and paste technique) or wait until you are ready to unlink fields and submit, running the the auto-formatting options in word, as you proposed.

I have followed Leanne’s suggestion and noted that, unless (in EndNote Preferences | Display Fonts | General) you change the default Arial for Times New Roman, any curly quotation marks that you paste will be almost indistinguishable from the default.

I find it very strange that the programmers have not yet come up with an easy way of using typographical quotation marks instead of plain ASCII marks, which have gone out of practice years ago and have become a true sign of typographical amateurism. After all, Word (and other applications) automatically convert ASCII marks when you type them. Unless I am wrong, there is no way to achieve the desired result other than by painstakingly editing the output styles (and we know how difficult this is). You also have to make sure not to overwrite your file with an updated one, because all would have to be done anew.

Even though you can have EndNote type typographical quotation marks, you will have to convert ASCII apostrophes into real ones once in Word. And this will have to be done repeatedly (or only at the very end of your project), because generating the notes and bibliography will never produce the desired result automatically.

It would be so nice if EndNote offered a check box indicating that typographical quotation marks and apostrophes are desired. There should also be a way of entering typographical marks into the records themselves; this is often needed in the case of titles within titles.