The apostrophe mark in citations and references

I use Times-Roman as the font for my documents. Typically in the document, the apostrophe mark resembles a comma, with a curve to the tail. However in the citations and references (APA 6th if that matters), the apostrophe appears a straight vertical line with no curve. 

Any suggestions or insight?

Interesting problem - wonder if it’s a bug.  You can file a report to technical support:

A workaround would be to either to copy-and-paste an apostrophe into the EndNote reference field (i.e., insert a proper apostrophe into an MS Word document then copy-and-paste it into the reference field) or insert an apostrophe using the character map (if you’re using Windows). 

I think that you find that Endnote doesn’t handle the font for apostrophe any better than smart quotes in refs.  See here.  I really don’t know why it is a problem, but there was an old explaination which explained some ofwhy Endnote didn’t use these special characters.   But it still isn’t any explainationi/details about these this in the help files.   

Leanne, I will give this a try.

I’ve tried a search-and-replace, and Word does swap out the straight for the curly apostrophe for a few moments; then Endnote changes them all back within a few seconds.

Yes, what you will need to do is save that for the very last step before submission.  First you would make a copy, and then unlink the fields (endnote has a button, which has a “do not enter” sign to accomplish this, or use the word ctrl shif F9 (ON A COPY)) - and then run the search and replace.  In fact, if the auto correct settings are right, I think you just need to search for " and replace with '.  That works in my system. 

Instead of doing a search and replace in MS Word you’ll need to change the apostrophe within each EndNote reference type.  Otherwise as you noted, the apostrophe will “change” back to the vertical line.

I changed the apostrophe within an EndNote reference by copying-and-pasting as mentioned in my earlier post.  The apostrophe then remained a “true” apostrophe within an MS Word document using a Times Roman font.  (This is based on using EndNote X4, MS Word 2010, and Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.)

You can test whether a search and replace within EndNote might work but it not, you could try the copy-and-paste method.