How to cite with parenthesis instead of square brackets

Hi All,

I need some help.  Everytime I cite, its showing square brackets [] instead of parenthesis ( ). For instance when I cite reference 1 and 2, it’ll give me [1-2].  How do I get it to show (1-2)?

I’m using endnote x3 and MS word 2007 on Windows 7.


That’s controlled by the style you’re using (sounds as if it may be the “numbered” style).

You should be able to change it by switching to a different output style (do Edit > Output Styles > Open Style manager to see all the possibilities) or by editing the current style.

To edit the current style do Edit > Output Styles > Edit “numbered”

Click “citations” in the menu on the left and change the parentheses from square brackets to rounded ones.

Save the file and close it.

Thank you.