how to co-author with others not having Endnote?

Hello everybody, we (three persons having Endnote X4) need to write a report jointly with others not having Endnote. Is there any way that we insert our references with Endnote while allowing the others to add their references manually? Wilfried

Not and have them formatted correctly at the end.

I suggest that my non-endnote collaborators (well if I had any!) paste the full refernece into a note or add it in parentheses  perhaps marked with a character unlikely to be used otherwise in the manuscript (%& or + for example) and then when I get the paper I retrieve or add the reference to my library and insert it with endnote. 

If they try to insert it into a “field” like add it to the bibliography, it will just disapear when you reformat.  I also suggest that you might just want to unformat your references to the {author, year #rec no}  and then have them insert theirs into this less corruptable form.  You can Unlink the fields on the existing selected bibliography so they can see what refs are already in use.