Sharing with someone who doesn't use EndNote

I’m a new user, working with an author who does not have EndNote (and prefers to work with hard copy).

He has a few minor changes he wants to make to the text himself in Word, but he doesn’t have EndNote. If I send him the Word file without an accompanying EndNote library, will he still be able to see the reference list?

I don’t know what his system/software is, but I’m Vista/Word2007/Endnote 7)

He should be able to see your references list but can’t alter the list or any citations you have inserted.  –  this will either corrupt the document, or his changes will disappear when you reformat the document. 

Howver,  in thses situations, I acutally make a copy, use an alpha sorted output style like (Author, Year) select the citations and “removed field codes” using words (I use ctrl+shift+F9).  Then I Unformat the document to the curley bracketed state, so the citations are {First Author, Year #record number}.  the Colleague can see these, and pretty easily find the corresponding reference in the list (although if there are multiple first author papers in the same year there might be slight ambiguity). Suggest if they want to put in additional references to do so in Square brackets so you can easilty find them and add them to the end of the document.  You can then take the modified document back, and add the new citations, and delete the unlinked bibliograph, update citations, turning CWYW back on and everything should be fine.  – This workflow prevents their corrupting any Endnote embedded fields.