How to condense full title of book on second mention in footnotes?


I’m using Endnote to insert footnoted references into a document. Some of the titles of the books have two parts e.g. “Another Exhibition: the Biennale”.  

On the first mention of the reference I need the full title (e.g.“Another Exhibition: the Biennale”) to appear. But on second and subsequent references, I need only the first part of the title to appear (e.g.“Another Exhibition”). This is pretty standard when books are referenced for the second time.

However, I cannot work out how to make this happen in Endnote. At the moment the full title appears every time the reference is inserted, even when it is for a second time (and other parts of the reference like the author is automatically shortened by Endnote). 

The style I’m using is ‘Oxford Author’, but this probelam also happens when I’ve tried in Chicago style. 

Can anyone help? 

Many thanks. 

In a record, you have the option to include a “Short Title” in the record (at least for books) and this needs to be used.  Then you also need to check whether the field is used in the corresponding  footnote template of the output style you are using  - there is a full and short template.  For the Oxford Author-Date and Oxford Author-Title output styles I downloaded, The “footnote” template for Book AND for Book - Short form  also has the field “Title” rather than “Short Title”.  

However my Chicago 16th A correctly uses the field for “Short Title” in the Book-Short template.  

So you need to add a “short title” to your record - and it should work wit Chicago 16th A, — if you want to have it work in the Oxford output styles - you will need to edit the appropriate fields to use that field information.  I attach a couple images illustrating the changes I made to the Oxford Author-Date output style and the saved file itself.  (I also attach the Oxford Author-Title edited style, incase that was your prefered choice.)

I also notice lots of extraneous spaces and | and link adjacent symbols in some of these.  I cleaned some of those up too, although they are a distraction and should just disappear in the formated citation.  

Oxford-Author Date (short).ens (49 KB)
Oxford-Author Title(short).ens (47.8 KB)

Thank you! I had similar problem.

Thanks very much for your help Leanne! 

Thank you for the answer, but is it possible to skip completely a second occurence ?

For instance I have 2 sections, and in the 2nd section i reference a previsoulsy referenced article (in the first section).

So in the 2nd bibliography, the reference is present again (which is normal behaviour I assume).

But i don’t want it to be present again. Can I do that ?

You could try to “blank” short version, but I don’t think that will work, from some foggy past recollection.   If it doesn’t - I don’t think you can “skip it”… sorry.  Going to point you new thread to this response too.  

I have a similar issue, though not quite the same. I am citing a collection of essays, using Chicago 16th. In a footnote I am citing two different essays from the same book. Is there a way to avoid the title of the book from repeating?

Ideally, I’d like to have:
See Alessandro Angelini, “Busto di Innocenzo X,” in Gian Lorenzo Bernini: regista del Barocco, ed. Maria Grazia Bernardini and Maurizio Fagiolo dell’Arco, (Milano: Skira, 1999): 339 and Maria Grazia Bernardini, “‘Il gran Michelangelo del suo tempo’: la vita, il personaggio,” in Gian Lorenzo Bernini [so, the short title]*: 44.


I don’t believe there is anyway to achieve this, as the two records are not linked in anyway. therefore Endnote doesn’t “know” the source is the same.