How to create a reference from a plain text citation?


I’m new to Endnote and I’m finishing my dissertation. I know, I know, I should have started earlier. I’m kind of old school.

The thing is that I have all my citations written as plain text (i.e. by myself), without any reference management software.

My question is the following:

Is there any kind of authomatic way in Endnote to get plain text citations converted into Endnote’s references that I can then manage in Word?

In other words, I would like to find some authomatic (not manual) way of converting this:

Wacquant, L. (1997) Three Pernicious Premises in the Study of the American Ghetto, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 21(2), pp. 341‐353.

Into something like this:

Author: Wacquant, L.

Year: 1997

Title: Three Pernicious Premises in the Study of the American Ghetto

Publication Name: International Journal of Urban and Regional Research

Volume: 21

Issue: 2

Start page: 341

End page: 353

Thank you very much


Easily, no.  You might read overthis old thread: particularly the cb2Bib tool (which I have never tried).  

If you have access to a database, it may be far easier to download them than to try to manipulate a hand written set.   Designing Macros is time consuming especially if there aren’t clear rules.  How many references are you talking about?  

thanks Leanne,

There are more than 300 references (journal articles, book chapters, books, and others)



Might start with the ones that you can access quickly.  Often if a database is available import your favorite topics rather than one by one, then cross them off your list and contemplate how many are left and what is the best way to move forward.  Books, for example are available from Library of Congress and from many public university library databases.  – really the time to do that is easier than developing a macro and then finding all the mistakes.  A couple hours probably!