How to create a term list with multiple columns (but NOT a journal list)

I would like to create a term list for the “publisher” field with multiple columns. Like the journal term list, there would be one column with the standard name of the publisher, and three other columns for alternative names. How can this be accomplished? Thank you for any advice on how to do this.

I suspect that the Journal Terms list is specific to the Journal field. There is only one place in the output style to select which abbreviation from the Journal terms list should use. You could try creating a publisher terms list and define it as a journal terms list and associate it with the publisher field – but I can’t find any documentation in the help files that would suggest what would happen and how you would suggest which column would be utilized if it did work? I tested it, creating a Publisher terms list, selecting the Journal box - entered a test, but couldn’t get the second or third “abbreviation” column to be replaced in the output even though I adjusted the “journal names” option to abbrev 1 or 2. I suspect that kind of terms list can only be associated with the Journal field and not with other field types. I also can’t really envision when this would be needed. I rarely see variation in publisher naming conventions in different styles? The alternative would be to create another field with the alternate way the publisher would be entered, and change the output style to use the alternate publisher field.



Thank you Leanne for your reply! I had also tried to adjust the Journal List term list so that it was linked to the publisher field, but to no avail. The reason I wanted to explore this option is because at my workplace we publish multiauthor books with a compiled bibliography. The EndNote data comes from many different sources and different people are entering the data, and the publsher name and place published are often inconsistent. The thought was that instead of editing each reference to make publisher name & place consistent in the compiled bibliography, we could have a standard name and place that would automatically appear, like with the journal abbreviations. Thanks again, though, for your response! It was very helpful.

Yes, rather a special case that it would tough to get the developers to generate a work flow for.

Then you can assign a terms list for the publisher field at least? Then there is a consistent terms list with the standardized publisher’s names, if they are manually entering the data.