How to create individual reference lists for several sections of a document

I’m collaborating with several people on a conference proposal for a panel session.  The proposal document (a Word doc) contains an overview section and a section describing each paper, each of which has its own reference list.  

The challenge is that at least two of us are using EndNote, and the reference lists are getting combined with one another.  Is there a way to keep them separate?  Or would it be best to simply compose the sections separately and remove the EndNote fields before combining them into the final document?


If you are using X3 (and MS Word), it actually allows “section” formatting. But, you also need to have a scheme how to share each person’s endnote library across the group. You mentioned “at least”, so if you have three or more people using different OS, wordprocessor, or Endnote version, this woudn’t work.

If I were you, I will assign one person who is experienced using Endnote, and ask individuals to create a library that contains only references used in individual documents (section), and attach with the unformatted Word document. From there, the person takes care of merging sections, and section bibliography formatting. This method put a burden on one person, but relatively straightforward and trouble-less, IMO.