How to deactivate automatic citation insertion for [OG]?

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I’m writing a text in MS Word with some formulas, and for one formula i need [OG] within my text. Unfortunately, EndNote turns this automatically into a citation where the first editor’s name’s initials are O.G. How can I deactivate automatic citation insertion for that kind of format?

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The easiest way is to change your temporary citation delimiters to the curly bracket as opposed to the square brackets.  You can do this as a one off for the specific manuscript from the format bibliography menu), or for all current and future manuscript (from edit> preferences)/

dear leanne,

thanks for your hint! the problem is that in my preferences the markers ARE curly brackets as default setting! any idea why my [OG] is still handled as a short citation? couldn’t find anything concerning square brackets in my preference settings. 

is it possible to simply deactivate citation by author initials?

or perhaps just to mark some words/phrases/paragraphs as “not containing any citations”?

thanks again!


I think we need more information. What word processor and version, endnote version, output style are you using? Is the [OG] in a formula which is also being handled as a field?  If so, what addin is being used to create the formula?  I was unable to reproduce any problem with including just the [OG] in a manuscript. 

i use “L[OG]=…” for a definition, but just as plain text, without any special format. it is automatically changed to “L[Author, Year]” by endnote. i don’t have the problem with L[A] and L[V].

i think the problem is due to an entry in my endnote-bibliography where the first editor’s initials (not even the author’s initials) are “O.G.” - it’s this entry which shows up as L[…].

i’m using ms2010 and en x5 with an apa6-based output-style with some slight changes.

not sure if that is feasable, but i was wondering whether it is possible to mark some text/paragraphs etc. within a word document as not to be scanned by endnote?

thanks again!


Well the authors initials in the record should be O.<space>G. but that sounds like a bug anyway, and I would report it.  There is no way to skip a paragraph, to my knowledge.  You could trick word and put the paragraph in a text box with no border, but this shouldn’t be happening.  I woul let tech support know and maybe they can look at the document and figure out what is going on.