temporary citations (i think!)

I have always used CWYW for Word using Endnote, where the output is  a number in square brackets, eg [1], and the reference goes at the end of the document…  However for the last few days, when i have tried to “insert selected citation” (as usual) it comes up with {author,year, #210} for example.  Having done some digging, it seems this is a “temporary citation”. this is even on documents that already have the square bracket system in place from previous times I have edited the document (using the same programs).

At the moment, I am having to insert these temporary citations with curly brackets and then click “update citations and bibliography”  which is a pain, and never had to do it beforel… how can i go back to the automatic numbering system?

I am running Endnote X1 and Word 2007.

Definately temporary citations.  First you want to check your CWYW preferences from Word2007.

Access General preferences by going to Word’s Tools > EndNote X1 menu and selecting Cite While You Write Preferences.Word 2007: On the EndNote tab, in the Tools group, select Preferences. There you can ensure that the CWYW is active for all NEW documents, but this setting won’t affect existing documents.

Format Bibliography allows you to modify bibliography preferences such as style and layout before formatting your

document. This is also where you enable or disable Instant Formatting. For Word 2007 : On the EndNote tab, in the Bibliography group, click the bottom corner arrow.  The third Tab is where you can re-enable the auto update CWYW functions. 

thanks very much, it was the second thing in the bibliography - goodness knows how I managed to turn it off!

Much appreciated :smiley: