a bug that is deleting the last 20 references


happy new year for every one. i have started writing a manusript and reached 81 refrences. when i tried to add any new refrence or deleate any exisiting refrence, Endnote is deleating the last 20 refrences every time i am working wih endnote activity.

any one could help me in solving this issue? i am using Word 11 for mac, my OS is Yosemite and Endnote is X6. 

Hi Surrati,

From your description, this could be document corruption. Can you please try the following steps?

-Make a backup copy of your document.

-In Word, on the tools menu/EndNote X6 , click “convert to unformatted citations”.

-Next, use the keystroke COMMAND+A to select all the text.

-Use the keystroke COMMAND+6 (this removes field codes in the document).

-Use the keystroke COMMAND+C to copy

-Open a new blank document and use COMMAND+V to paste the text into it.

-Finally, under tools/EndNote X6, click “update citations and bibliography”

Hopefully, this will fix the deletion problem!