How to display "author et al, year" in Chicago style

Hi, I already follow the instructions I found i some links to change the output style and save it as a chicago 16th author-date-copy and selecting in both endnote and word but still the citation in text appears as “author, author…, author, et. al, year” it displays most of the authors and only the last one is substituted by an et al. 

I’d really appreciate some help I already wasted one weekend updating endnote and this issues keep showing up.


See attached version.  – you want them to say 3 or more et al, not 6 or more?  

Then you also need to save as to a new name, and change the output style used in the document (on the endnote ribbon) to the newly named output style.  Do Not Use the same name.  – The first time, you will need to view all styles or use the style manager and tick the box so it will appear in the drop down.  

PS it is correct to see AuthorA and AuthorB, Year for those with 2 authors and some publications want to see three authors in this way, which means you enter 3 in the box – or 3 in the box for the first one, and 2 in the box for subsequent.