How to enter the proxy settings on X6 for mac?


I am new to EndNote.  I am running version X6 on a mac pro and wonder whether I can use the proxy settings my university sent me.   I need the proxy to access the search engines and the full texts from home.   The university staff have sent me the http address, socks v5, port 3128 and no proxy name.   

Many thanks.


In our situation, once we “proxy-in” Endnote is set up to honor that.  Also you can put your institutions proxy URL address in the Find Full Text preferences. 

(In Endnote:  Edit>preferences) In the preferences, you should look for the “Find Full Text” settings and  for the Authenticate with: URL: setting paste in the proxy URL 

Each time you open Endnote, the first time you try to find full text, it should authenticate and you would provide your user name and password.  After that it will not ask again, until you close Endnote.  – You can also “authenticate” under the find full text option. 

At least, this is how it works on a PC.


Many thanks. However it does not work. I have tried http://(ip address) and htpps://(ip address) but a msg error came out: could not connect to the server.


how do you log into the proxy?  One proxy I log into looks like this: (where the xxxx is the domain name)  and the other is (again I replaced part of the domain name with xxxxx).  These addresses were provided me by their IT groups. 

this triggers a login for either of the two.  The Examples on the preferences page (on a PC anyway) are similar.  – no IP number though.  I don’t know if the institute has to allow this though? 

Have you tried logging in to the proxy and then just doing a FFT to see if it recognizes the IP automatically?  That is what I do for my own institute.  I only use the alternative, for when I know one of my affiliations has access to additional resources from my base.   

Hi there

Many thanks.   I will have to go and ask the network administration for some guidance.   I will let you what comes out of it.




I had to add a port number to he ip address but even doing it did not work.   Endnote did not open a window so that I could enter login and password.

Is there anything else that I can do?

Many thanks


Have you considered calling Tech Support???