locate particular reference in text

in my reference list one reference has an error, How can I locate this in the text.?

the reference is like 

2013: xxdfsdall kfdløfkldfklø 

thus Lacking essential information

this particular reference is deleted from the  endnote database

It is probably in the “traveling library” created by Endnote. 

If you have a library with all the other records in the document, you could “convert citations and bibliograpy> to unformated citations” from the endnote toolbar, and then “update citations and bibliography” and endnote will prompt you when it hits the citation not in the library for the correct record.  

From endnote help: The Traveling Library (Microsoft Word)

  • Each formatted citation in your Word document is saved with field codes that embed reference data in the document. The paper contains a “Traveling Library” of references cited.
  • The first time a citation is formatted, EndNote looks in the open library and finds the corresponding reference. If you later reformat, EndNote again looks in the open library for that reference. However, if the library is not available or not open, EndNote uses the Traveling Library for reference information.
  • Because reference data is kept with each formatted citation, you can collaborate with other authors on a paper without each author having the same EndNote library.
  • The reference data saved with each citation includes all fields except Notes, Abstract, and Figure.)

I met a similar problem and here’s my solution. Press the button “Edit & Manage Citation(s)” (Next to the button of “Insert Citation” in the MS word toolbar), and it will give you the full list of your citations. You probably could identify the citation you intent to edit from the list. Click on it and it will locate the citation in the text.

Hope it helps.