How to fix: EndNote 20 is importing and keeping journal name errors from Google Scholar

I am creating a bibliography in APA 7th style with EndNote 20 desktop after importing references from Google Scholar.
APA calls for capital journal names, such as Molecular Ecology.
Sometimes Google Scholar gets it wrong, like Molecular ecology. Example:
In my EndNote library, I manually edited the name to Molecular Ecology and saved it and it appears correct in the library. However, when I created a Bibliography, EndNote gives me the Google error: Molecular ecology.
What causes this and how do I fix it? Thanks.

This can be caused by the Journal Term list. Go to Library → Open Term Lists → Journals Term List. Find and highlight the journal in question and choose Edit Term. Insert correct full name and abbreviation (Abbreviation 1) and close the window. Try Update citations and bibliography in manuscript and see if this solved the problem.

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Yes, thank you! Your suggestion worked.
Although it is a little cumbersome that I still have to edit the Term List after I already edited the entry. But I am glad to have a solution.

The issue is that when importing with an option to update the journal terms list from the databases, it often messes up which version is in which column. My solution is to turn off any auto update and to delete and copy a good terms list and just edit things and add them as needed. The process is described in a knowledgebase article on the support site.

Thank you leanne. That article was helpful. It looks as though Edit → Preferences → Term Lists and then uncheck “Update lists when importing” might avoid the problem of incorrect Term Lists in the first place, instead of finding and editing errors afterwards.

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