Keeps capitalising the first two letters of journal names

Whenever I enter a citation from a particular journal, it enters the journal title incorrectly in the bibliography. Specifically, it incorrectly capitalisesthe first two letters of the first word (“PSychological Bulletin”) rather than just the first letter (“Psychological Bulletin”). However, when I open the endnote library, it is entered correctly (with only the first letter capitalised). I’m using APA 6th.

Does anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks.

I would guess that your Journal Term list has copied this incorrectly capitalized version from somewhere and is now in the terms column which is replaced by another column, if the output style is set to replace them.  I just reread that, and even I am not sure what it means!    

But basically you want to delete  the current terms list as it probably has other wrong things in the wrong columns and  import a new terms list.  Details are here:  

But before doing that, I suggest that the first thing to do, is to turn off the auto update of terms lists when you import or enter a new reference, as this messes up the terms list you have. This is in your Edit> Preferences> terms list (on a PC, I think the edit preferences is somewhere else on a Mac).   

Thank you very much, your solution fixed the problem.