How to force all caps in a certain template?


The journal Simulation & Gaming requires that cited games appear with their title in all caps. The Endnote style for this journal does not seem to support it so I was wondering if this was possible or not.

For example:


In the well-known INTERNATIONAL MARBLES HEX GAME, players… 


INTERNATIONAL MARBLES HEX GAME, The.  Smith, J. R. & Jones, R. J. (1989). Newbury Park, CA: Sage (2455 Teller Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320, USA). 

I have the games entered in  my library with the titles without all-caps. Is there some way for me to edit the style so that it outputs the title in all-caps without me having to change anything? (ie, I don’t want to have to edit the name in my library into all caps)



One way to control journal name format is to assign “Journal Names” in the output style to one of the variations in the Journal Term List.  Abbreviation 3 in the Journal Term List is generally reserved for customized abbreviations.  You could add an “all caps” entry for each of your journal names into Abbreviation 3 of the Journal Terms List. Then modify your "Simulation & Gaming " output style to use Abbreviation 3 for “Journal Names”. This requires you to enter all your journal names in “all caps”, but you only have to do it once.  See “Journal Names” and “Term Lists” in the Endnote Help.


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