Capitalizing names in the journal title automatically

Hey all,

I noticed that we have three options for capilizating the journal title: Leave as is, header style and sentence style.

For APA 6th edition, we are required to choose the header style. The problem is that when the title contains a name (E.g.,e The current status of Carl Rogers and the person-centered approach" , Endnote still changes the names to lower case (which make sense).

My question is, is there a way to tell Endnote to match names in the journal titles to the authors names in the Open List.

I know that there is a way to prevent changing USA for example to Usa, but can we do the same for authors?


You would need to enter Carl and Rogers in the same table as USA is in?  

That seems like the only option to enter the names manually. Would have been great if Endnote could automatically recognize the names (according to the Open List).

I suspect this is a very rare occurance.  How many times is an authors name in the title?  

You are correct, but for my assignment I have to examine studies that have evaluated other approaches, so in this case you do see articles with the name of the creator in the title.