How to format repeat citations as Author, Short Title


So I am using Endnote X9 on a Mac, and using the Chicago 16th footnote style. 

When I insert a repeat citation, I need it to say the Author, Short Title, instead of Ibid. So I changed the output settings to use short form instead of Ibid, updated the style on word. However, now it is simply inserting repeat citations as just the short title, and I need the author on there too. 

Can anyone help please?

Thanks :smiley:

Which Ref type is this happening with?  Did you look at the footnote templates for the short form to see if author is included in the short form (although most of them do include the author)?  Can you zip your modified style and attach it to a reply message? Unfortunately the forum doesn’t allow .ens files to be attached, but it does allow .zip files.