Repeated citations help

Hi guys

I am a PhD student submitting in a few months so I really need some help!

Basically, I am using Chicago 16th format and a mac computer. I have the latest versions for endnote and word.

Whenever I do a citation for the first time - it works perfectly. The problem is repeated citations, which are not consecutive. It should give me the author’s last name and either the full title, or the shortened version of the full title. But it is simply giving me the author’s surname without the title.

I have been using endnote for some time and this has always worked. For some reason, now that I coming to the end of my PhD and needing to use it again, it is doing this!

I have played around with the repeated citation option and created a copy. I have unchecked the box that says ‘when using the short form…use the title field only when…disambiguate’. But none of this seems to be working. The templates are all correct. I have tried putting in short forms in the actual entry and removing it - again nothing is fixing this issue. 

When I go back to my old documents where this is not an issue, as soon as I click refresh the problem happens. 

Please can someone advanced help as right now I am having to type in the titles!

Removing the check box from the default Footnotes Template setting [When using the sort form, include the title field only when needed to disabiguate a citation], saving it as a new style [Chicago 16th Footnote Copy] and then selecting that style in Word, fixed this issue for me, i.e. it displayed the contents of the ‘Short Title’ field for a Book.

Thank you soo much for your reply.

But I have done that, and it is still not working.

One thing you mentioned though - “and then selecting that style in Word” – this I have not done. 

Once you have created a new style in endnote, how do you select this style in word? This may be the crucial step I am missing. 

Right now, I have created the new style and then insert the reference in word using the standard insert button. 

Thanks again in advance. 

I have just realised whatever style I change it to in endnote, it does not change in word. 

So there is a missing link between my word and endnote.

If that helps with the solution. 

After playing around with it - I finally figured it out!

Basically in word, I hadn’t selected the style in configure bibliography settings.

Once I did that, it worked!

Thank you for pointing that out!!!     :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Changing the style in Endnote does not and should not affect the style chosen in Word, as if it did and you were working on two different manuscripts, you would have to continually remember to check what style when you openned the other document.  Hence, the style is chosen in Word and not in endnote.  Glad you figured that out!. 

Hello! I continue to have a problem with repeated citations. When I cite a different article (Book Section) from the same book/anthology, EndNote X8 always regurgitates the complete bibliographical information without the short form. I have tried unchecking the box in repeated citations and looked at my Word settings, but there must be soemthing I am missing. I am no expert at playing around with these things, so any help you can give me would be very much appreciated.

Two different chapters in the same book, are two distinct records and treated as two independent citations.  It wouldn’t normally trigger the short form.  Not sure there is a way around this.