How to get ENDNOTe to default to mac for citations from databases

I use ENDNOTE on Mac [x5] and on windows [x6] using Parallels on a Macbook pro.

although I mainly use the Mac version - there are time when it is easeir to interafce with others through the windows option.

BUT when i download citations, the default is the Windows version, even if I don’t have parallels/windows open.

how do i change this?



I struggle with this as well and having the team look into this. Not too many of us use Parallels but I will see what I can find.  This is not an issue exclusively related to EndNote as many other types of files have the cross-platform confusion issue - even when EndNote is not installed on either partition of a Macintosh using Parallels. 

I have tried the File Association settings in Windows: Control Panel > 

All Control Panel Items > Default Programs > Set Associations - where Windows does allow us to set file associations with Macintosh programs but this is not working for me. Meaning I can set it on Windows but the changes then do not seem to be recognized on the Macintosh side.

This issue is a bit pronounced with EndNote since EndNote manages several different types of auxillarly files - Styles, Imports, Libraries, etc.

One workaround might be to use Firefox as your web browser on the Macinsoth as Firefox should allow you to control file export extensions from web-based databases. Safari does not seem to be as flexible in my quick tests.

I will update this post if I find anything else.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Also, here is some information from the Parallels website on file associations:

I have not yet tried these steps but will do so soon and post my results here.