EndNote X5 and Apple Mac Compatibility

Hi folks,

I am an experienced user of EndNote X5 for PC in our university.  However, I gave a demonstration on EndNote X5 for Mac the other day and nothing seemed to work well.  The particular problems that I had was:

When exporting references from e-journal databases which are normally fully compatible with EndNote PC, EndNote for Mac did not auto-launch and fill up with the imported references.  It normally does this on the PC version of EndNote with the same e-journal databases.  What happened with the Mac version is that they seemed to download into the Mac’s download folder and then I had to manually add those items into the EndNote Mac reference library.

Is there anything I can do about this to encourage EndNote Mac to auto launch and import the e-journal references?

Thanks in advance.

This happens when the mac doesn’t recognise the extension of the downloaded file as being associated with EndNote or the browser is set to save files rather than auto-launch them.

You should be able to change the file association by clicking on one of the downloaded files and selecting “get info” from the Mac’s File menu.

Click the arrow beside the item “Open with” to pop down a menu.

Choose EndNote as the application.

The mac should now associate files with that extension with the EndNote program.

If the browser is saving files rather than auto-launching them I’m afraid you’ll need to investigate its preferences and these may not be awfully helpful - e.g. safari has a check-box “open “safe” files after downloading” but I can’t see any way to tell it that endnote files are safe if it’s decided they aren’t.

Safari in particular is prone to this issue. Please see the following Knowledge Base article for details:


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