How to get EndNote to recognize Usr folder

I took the attached filter, which is suppose to translate the attached txt file to EndNote format, and copied it to /usr/documents/endnote/filter.   I created this folder.   From what I read, the EndNote is suppose to include filters from this folder when displaing filters, but this did not seem to work.   I then changed the directory under preferences for filters to point to this directory and still could not get endnote to show this filter.  

How do I get the attached filter to showup.  I do not have system admin privilages so I can not put the filter directly under the EndNote folder.

I had this question posted under discussion but a response suggested I need to move it under one of the forums so I could attach a file.  Unfortuantely I could not figure out how to move the orignial help question to the forum, so I recreated this new question. 

DTIC-Bibliography-2014-Apr-29-1246.txt (56.6 KB)


I think you figured this out already in another thread, but the safest way to save filters, connections and output styles is to allow them to open in Endnote, and to use Endnote’s Save as function, so they end up in an endnote recognized folder.  I am not sure why just moving them there, doesn’t always work.