Alert-Message: Your Filters folder does not contain any Filters. Please select a new Filters folder.

Hi everyone,

I recently get an alarm message when downloading citations from google scholars. First, my Mac says that the download couldn’t be made, but when I try again, it is downloaded. If I then try to open the download with endnote (as I did for a  couple of month now!), the following message turns up:


Your Filters folder does not contain any Filters. Please select a new Filters folder.

The filter folder is the same as ever, I didn’t change anything! Why has it suddenly stopped working??

I’m a bit desperate :frowning:

Thanks in advance for your help!!



I’m using an iMac with OS X and Endnote X3.


Could you please fix this !!!

can’t use endnote it is SAD !

Thank you

This usually happens on the Mac when you move or copy the EndNote Application so it is not in the /Applications/EndNote X4 anymore.  Open a Finder window and go into your Applications folder.  Then go into the EndNote X4 folder and double click on the EndNote X4 application.  If the application is not there, but instead was moved to another location on your computer, move it back to the EndNote X4 folder in Applications and start it.

I have the same problem, but I did not move the EndNote application (X7 version).

Importing filters is impossible. Could that be due to restrictions by my institution for saving files on the C: drive? [where also the application is]

Mac or PC?  Styles you download on a PC should end up in a location other than the program folder endnote/filters folder as Windows makes that location read only for the program.  – If you have changed your preferences to point there (C:programs/endnote/filters) instead of the default user documents folder,  you won’t be able to save them from the program.  change it to somewhere you as a user have write access (usually “user”/my documents/endnote/filters and the same for /styles and /connections)  Endnote is smart enough then to look in both places when you go to list them in their respective manager views or view all options.