How to get instead of three dots in my reference

Hello everyone,

I’m using EndNote X7 and I’m having a minor problem.

I entered a reference with 11 authors. Normally you should get the name of a couple of authors and then, but this is what I get: 

Power, T. G., Sleddens, E. F. C., Berge, J., Connell, L., Govig, B., Hennessy, E., . . . St. George, S. M. (2013). Contemporary Research on Parenting: Conceptual, Methodological and Translational Issues. Childhood Obesity, 9(1), S-87-S-94. 

I’m using APA 6th, because for university we have to use APA style. But I can’t use EndNote if I can’t get it to chance the three dots between the first authors and the last. We get specific regulations at university and it has to be after the naming of the six first writers of the article and not three dots and the last author.

I hope someone can help. Because it will be a lot of work if I have to type that all myself.

Thanks ahead!

I already found out that it’s because I’m using APA 6th. I need to use APA 5th. But although it is in the ‘templates’, I can’t seem to select it in EndNote. So can someone please help me solve this?