How to have 2 different bibliography EndNote in one document Word

Hello everybody,

Actually, I’m writing my thesis and naturally I do it by using EndNote :wink: But…

My thesis is a Word document and I have a EndNote bibliography at the end. However, I must insert in my thesis a scientific article which has its own bibliography.

The problem is when I insert my article, all references in this article are numbered according to my thesis bibliography and not according to the article’s bibliography. I would like that the article stays in its inital form with its own bibliography with no correspondance with the thesis’ bibliography.

Someone understand what I explain ? Can you help me please.


The easiest and safest way is to create a copy of the manuscript and unlink the endnote fields in it before inserting it into your thesis.  I do this by select all and ctrl+shft+F9, but Endnote also has a “toolbar” item that will do it and force you to save to a new name.