How to have all my pdf after RIS Import


In first, I’m sorry for my bad english.
Actually, I trying Endnote X7 on my Mac (Mavericks). Since few years, I use Mendeley. In this app, I have export all my references (pdfs, conference processing, book, etc) with RIS method, and import in Endnote. All my pdf is on a Dropbox folder.
But, on my iPad or Endnote web, I can’t download PDF. I just can download only PDF imported manually.
How to access all pdf on iPad?
If, drag & drop pdfs folder on Endnote, this is not good method because, many pdf haven’t metadata.


So currently the PDFs in your dropbox aren’t linked to records the Endnote library?  Can you retrieve them again using the “find full text” (FFT) function of endnote?  (so they end up in the database structure, in the subfolders of the endnote .DATA folders).  I think that is where they need to be to be properly synced with endnote web and the iPad. 

Dragging and dropping the PDF into the record retains the record information already there.  Importing a folder of PDFs is when you have problems with PDFs that don’t have the necessary meta-data.  But you have to drag and drop the individual PDFs onto the correct record, one by one.  I would first retreive those you can with FFT and then drag and drop the remaining ones onto those records that it didn’t work for.  


Thanks for your answer, but I have 525 pdf…After RIS importation, all my pdf, in my dropbox folder, is linked with each references in Endnote. (for emple, see pictures "endnote_1).

Is it that there is another solution for importation?


PS : Sorry if I don’t understand correctely your answer.

So I may be wrong, but to make the iCloud/Endnote online/web  thing work to sync the PDFs, I think you need to go to References menu (at least on the Windows version) and then file attachments, and “convert to relative” which will copy them from your dropbox folder to subfolders in  the .DATA PDF folders.  then when you sync – the PDFs will be available in the Endnote online library and retrievable on the iPad.  But I don’t have an iPad so I don’t really know and all my PDFs are already in the relative folder.  

Perhaps some “mac/iPad” users could jump in here.  


Thanks, everything works!!! Now I have all my pdf.