How to import from a file sent by e-mail

Dear Thomson Reuters

I have recieved some files with references that I would like to import to endnote. I have tried to follow the instructions on the endnote-website, with following result:

-I can open two in end-note, which work fine

-One show only one reference, but i can see that this reference contains all the references that are in the file.

-And three of the references wont’t open at all.

I have tried to use different filteres, but with out result. Any advise?

Thanks in advance

Debra Freund 

You aren’t addressing Thomson, this is a user group forum (although they do visit from time to time:smiley:)

We (and they) would need to know what the contents of the file looks like, where it came from, and which directions you were following?  Can’t trouble shoot from this amount of information.