References can't be imported anymore

Hi, I have a seemingly unsolvable issue - I can’t import references into my Endnote in any possible way. Every time I download the .emw reference file and try to import it, nothing happens…I’ve already tried to re-install Endote, shut it off and on hundred times, checked the library preferences…but just haven’t figured out anything. I also tried to ask in University computer centre - we spend an hour of contemplation but no one knows! If someone have any idea, what to do with it, please let me know…thanks!

Where from and how, exactly, are you downloading this file? 

Hi  I had this and with som hlp from Adpet Scientific we worked i out.  I could only have 99 references stored on my machine.  I needed to empty the trash from the dowlnloads associated with end note.  If I do this then endnote works perfectly.