HOw to import Patents as PDF to a Endnote-DB automatically ?

I have here 150 Patentreferences in an Endnote 7.3 DB with the Patentnumbers in the Patentnumber field. (is the isbn field in the refs db) I know it is Mysql compatible. But how can I now import the 150 PDFs-Patents automatically and linked to the references? Is there a good way? My PDF-Filenames are like the Patentnumbers. f.e US123456A1.pdf

Thanks for help


I tried following:

I updated the field reserved3 ( where corresponding key refs_id matches to the id in refs ) to my filename like


But that might be not enough. there is still a relationship in refs_ext with reserved2.

If no file is attached there is the value of  1430405627

If I attach a file the value change. WHat meaning has this value?

If I change that value at a reference to something else I get the error in the Deskop IDE of Endnote

The following file could not be opened. This may occur for a number of reasons including, but not limited to: the file is corrupt or the relative link was deleted.

File C:\Users\myuser\mYSQL\3Pat_aus_Scifinder-Saved.Data\PDF\3658655952\y1775.pdf

I have chatted with Endnote support, but they say “they do not support such internal things!”, Ugly!

Can anyone here help me with relevant infos and advices?


Moreover I figured out that the NAME of the DIRECTORY in the PDF Folder, where the PDFs are stored must be not a random name of digits. which alorithm are behind to get the PDF-Folder name?

ANy idears?


I have found a soluion.

I write with gnostice tool PDFToolkit VLC with Delphi to each PDF a pseudo doi (it stands in the subject line) and in the refs mysql database also this pseudo doi by my delphi (MyDAC MYSQL connection) programm.

No I can import the hole folder with the Patents

(added with f.e doi:10.1186/s12986-015-0010-9-’+<patentnummer>;

in my unit.pas: gtPDFDocument1.DocInfo.subject := ‘2015, :. doi:10.1186/s12986-015-0010-9-’+<patentnummer>;


to the endnote database via the Endnote IDE in a normal way. It works fine.

TReuters should consider to import Patents in a more easier way. F.e by identifieing the filename als pat nummber. But as this is not done till now, my above advice could be useful.

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