How to include meeting abstracts that don't have a pubmed listing

I’m trying to include a number of meeting abstracts/meeting presentations as part of CWYW in my bibliography from EndNote, but how can I do this if I can’t find the reference in pubmed and imprt it into my library? I can clearly manually enter this in the bibliography of my paper, but this screws up my reference numbers if I’m using the CWYW function for the rest of my citations. Please help? I know I’m not the only one who has had to figure this out! Can you somehow create a dummy/manual reference within EndNote to insert into the paper, to keep all of the citation numbers in the correct order?


The best option is to manually insert it into your library.  (whew, in the “olden” days before importing, we elders typed in all our records! - but lets not get into walking to school thru snowdrifts, up hill, both ways!)

Ctrl N will open a new record window.  remember to put one author per line Surname, Firstname works best with no punctuation at the end of the line.  Most of the time you can still use Journal, but you might want to look at Conference Proceeding or Conference paper as the reference type.  It depends on what kind of information you want to show in the bibliography.  If you do use a different ref type, it probably won’t have an associated template in the output style you are using and will use “generic” - if that doesn’t give you the output you wanted, then you may have to edit the output style to include the information in the order and with the punctuation you want.  I usually start by copying generic’s template into the (add the reference type you are using from pull down “button” in the edit output edit “yourstyle” dialog) new ref type.  Then tweak it from there.  If you get stuck, attach your style to a reply and one of the other forum participants can look at it for you. 

Alternatively you could type what you want as a “note” (tools, endnote, insert note).