CWYW bibliography and Word's reviewing feature

I just got a note from my instructor asking me not to use the formatting software (EndNote) to generate a bibliography because she is not able to add a comment to a particular reference.  I’ve checked, and she’s right - you can modify the text in some way, and it shows up in tracking, but to add a comment, it hightlights the entire bibliography.

Is there some way to make this work?  If I do as she asks, and cut and paste my bibliography into the paper, then all my in text citations are going to disappear, I assume, which is not good for my adrenaline system. 

Will she tolerate seeing the citations as temporary endnote citations?  If so, I would copy the bibliography to another document, unformat the citations in the paper and turn off CWYW (I think unformating them does this automatically) and then paste the bibliography back in (if it is still “grey,” you might first “unlink fields” while it is still in the other document). 

Then you can delete the bibliography after taking note of her comments and reformat the document after making your other changes. 

Thanks, Leanne - I’ll ask re temporary formatting, but I doubt it as correct APA usage and formatting is part of the marks for each paper.  I also thought asking is she could use a text box feature, or simply adding her comments as a text addition.  Was just hoping there’d be an easy way.  I don’t remember this being an issue when I had EndNote 4 and 5, and am sure instructors added comments to the bib then.  But that’s a while ago now, so I may be remembering incorrectly.

Another option is to create a separate copy of the document that you submit to her, and use the Convert Citations and Bibliography>Convert to Plain Text option. This will “unlink” all the citations and bibliography from EndNote, and she can edit it as normal text. However, if you then need to work with EndNote again, you can return to your original copy with the EndNote codes still intact.

Hmm, hadn’t thought of that. I will give it  try.  Many thanks!

If you need to convert to plain text, my suggestion is to then compare her edited plain text version to an unformated version of your document.  Then you can go thru it and incorporate the changes and accept or reject the appropriate version of the citations… 

Yes, Leanne, that’s a really good point.  It did cross my mind that I might end up with a different format than acceptable, and I haven’t tried it yet,  But will play around.  Thanks for all the input!