How to insert an N-dash

Can someone please tell me how to insert an N-dash in a reference in EndNote?  Many thanks!  Beth 151

Not sure if there’s a better way, but copying one from MS Word and pasting it into EndNote works.

Thanks!  I should have thought of that!  Best, Beth1551

Also, windows has the character map (but since you probably have word open, that is probably simpler):

You can enter the unicode number 2013 in the box and jump to the en-dash.  Click on it and check in the lower right of the dialog window, it should say “U+2013”.  You can copy and paste it normally from there. 

from Endnote help:

Using Character Map

The Character Map program (CHARMAP.EXE) is supplied with all versions of Windows. Both diacritical characters and symbols can be entered using the Character Map:

To use the Character Map program:

  1. From the Windows Start >Programs menu, choose Accessories, then System Tools, then Character Map. (lmw note: make a short cut if you need it office). 

  2. Select the Symbol font, if necessary. (Other fonts will revert to the Typing Display Font when pasted in EndNote.)

  3. Double-click the character(s) you need.

  4. Click the Copy button to copy the characters to the Clipboard.

  5. Return to EndNote, position the cursor in a reference, then select Paste from the Edit menu to paste the characters.

Or, with both your EndNote reference open and Character Map open, you can click on a character in Character Map and then drag-and-drop it into your EndNote reference.


And on a keyboard with a number pad, you can do the Alt+0150 en-dash (and Alt+0151 em-dash)  – I couldn’t seem to get it work on my laptop even when I set the Num lock function though.  Voila! –