How to use a symbol character in prefix of in text citation?


I would like to write a symbol character (“delta”) in front of a in text citation, however, endnote doesn’t seem to give me the option in the edit & manage citations window to edit or copy/paste any symbol characters.

Anyone would have any ideas? The example is below, essentially the “D” needs to be turned into capital delta. The only option I found so far was to edit it manually right but of course it will change back to D anytime I hit update references.

(I’m using word 2007 and endnote X5)

blablababla… effective quantum yield (DF/FM’; Schreiber 2004).

Thanks for any help and suggestion!

You can copy and paste the delta character into MS Word first, then copy the delta character from MS Word into the EndNote “Prefix” field. The following was tested with MS Word 2010 and EndNote X6.0.1

Refer to attached image for illustration of  steps #1 and 2:

  1. The delta character can be generated by either copying and pasting the symbol from Windows “Character Map” or using the unicode coding U+0394. The main issue is to first copy and paste the delta character into MS Word; then

  2. Copy and paste the delta symbol from MS Word into the EndNote “Prefix” field. The delta character is displayed in the citation and appears to “stay put” when updating the citations/bibliography.

tested and worked great!!

thank you very much for the help

I tried this, and when the citation was updated, it doesn’t “stay put”. This is when I use the “degrees” symbol. 

I use EndNote X7.7.1 with MS Office 365 (2016) for MAC.

This also happens with my colleage who uses the same, but on a PC.