how to italicize specific words in a title?

I reference a lot of articles about organisms that include species names (e.g., Sterna hirundo) in the titles. Species names should be italicized.  Is there a way to flag specific words so that EndNote italicize them (but not the entire title)?  I can go through the created references section and do it manually, but (a) what a pain, and (b) if I end up having to update the citations, all that manual work disappears.  Thanks.

Try the Find and Replace (under Edit or Ctrl+R on the PC) – but I find that I have to copy the text from somewhere where the font has already been applied in X8.1  – don’t think that was the case before?  If I try – on my PC to use the quick font attributes (like ctrl+I) it makes it invisible (both in the box and if I try to use it - as it replaces the word with invisible text.  And it doesn’t appear that font selection is possible in the menu from anywhere?  

This must be a bug?