Italicizing part of a title

I have a patron who submits papers to journals that require organism, genus, and species names to be italicized when they appear in article titles An example journal is “Infection and Immunity.”  Is there an alternative to removing field codes and adding italics manually? Thanks.

To be honest, any published article should be referenced as it was published.  If the title had italicized words in it, they should be italicized in the reference list.  Since many of us over the years, downloaded from sources where this was not properly reflected in the records, most of us have become lazy in this regard.  I suggest that the user fix them in the library as they use them, rather than fix them each time they are used, but I don’t believe that Endnote allows a search and replace with formatted text, so it isn’t that easy. (and some journals DON’T consistently italicize things in the titles, so a random search and replace is probably not appropriate in any case).  

So I just change things as I find them over time, when I am persnickety.  

The same applies to a lot of author names in my library.  I fix them too, as I come across them!  German, French names for example, which were downloaded without the proper font information…  

Use of sources that include the proper Unicode fonts and specialized font information with the appropriate endnote import settings are worth investigating.  

So the short answer is, the better alternative is to change them in the library, just the once.  

I also found the same issue for my publication. I did the following on the word file:

  1. I “update citations and bibliography”.

  2. i used the endonote and choose the mansucript references in “My library”.

  3. select the reference you need to change. then press “cltr+E” to edit the title of that reference.

  4. go to the “title” and change select the word like _"_in vitro" or “via” etc. change them to italics format like “in vitro” etc.

  5. save it.

  6. go to your word file. Again, hit the “update citations and bibliography”. you can see the changes in the word document.

Good luck!!