How to keep lines together in bibliography

In formatting the bibliography, sometimes Microsoft Word page breaks in areas of the citation where I don’t want it to page break. I’m using a style similar to Chicago’s 16th edition of the author-date system. A sample bibliography would look like this:

Brand, Richard

          1972 A Geographical Interpretation. Doctoral Dissertation, Department of Education, Columbia University.

However, due to pagination, the author “Brand, Richard”, may be separated from the rest of its citation information. How do I prevent this from happening so that the “author information” is kept with the next line of information, the bibliography information?

See link for an example of how the pagination error looks like.

In my experience, if you select the whole of the reference section and a paragraph before it and after it for good measure, and right click and apply the “keep lines together” to the paragraph settings, it sticks.  I suggest that the separator after the author name, if needed be a line break and not a paragraph break in your style. 

Interesting! Is there a line-break command in EndNote as opposed to using the “Paragraph mark”? I’ll check.

Thanks for the help, Leanne!

possibly not :flushed: 

actually, no, but there should be!  hmmm.