How do you control bibliographic line breaks?

In September 2008 there was a question posted here about controlling the line breaks within the bibliography.  There was never an answer to that question as far as I can tell.  I really need an answer to this question.  Below is the original question as it appeared in the forum, though where the question writer refers to Endnote 8, this same question applies to Endnote X3 - several versions later and we still are having this issue that affects all of us, especially those of us who are frustrated with Endnote breaking in the middle of a chemical formula!  Please tell me there is a fix…

"My bibliography is being output with many innapropriate linebreaks-- for instance, splitting consecutive reference number ranges, splitting page ranges, and splitting hyphenated words that should never be separated on consecutive lines.


Is there a way to prevent endnote from breaking at hyphens, since endnote 8 does not have ctrl + shift + - fucntionality? 


Examples of my picky issues follow:


_ This statement completes here.^17- _

_ ^19 _


instead of


_ This statement completes _

_ here.^17-19 _



Other annoying breaks include chemical names, such as line breaking after the hyphen in something like

_ n- _

_ alkanes _


when I would prefer just putting the whole thing on the next line,


_ n-alkanes _


or splitting page numbers at the end of a line,

_ 221- _

_ 223. _


I hate this, page numbers should never be separated.


_ 221-223. _



Any help using endnote to create nonbreaking hyphens will be greatly appreciated!!!"

Not in the current versions, to my knowledge.  – but you can replace them when you are about to submit using word search and replace on a copy which you have unlinked fields?


Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing.  Editing before submission.  My current paper (a review) has over 200 references so this takes a long time and it would be nice if this feature was possible so that I didn’t have to worry about it.

Why not just search and replace all the - to non-breaking? 


Because it’s not just hyphens.  I have tons of chemical formulae that break in the middle.  Just before submission, I have to go through the entire bibliography one item at a time to make sure it’s not breaking in the middle of formulae, before/after brackets or parantheses, etc.  Hyphenated page numbers are the easy things to fix…

Okay, I am convinced.  Go here and support this suggestion!