Lost connection with Endnotes library


I really like Endnotes version 8; however, I lost the link between Endnote 8.2 and Word 2016. I went to make additions to my document and the connection from my in-iext citations and references is gone. The cite function added a new references section to my article. How do I restore. I use APA6. See screenshot from my word document.

Thank you,

Dr. Lewis

Once the codes are removed you cannot restore them easily but you can try the following steps:


Thank you, got about 50% back in. I wish I knew how to avoid it happening again. Perhaps tracked changes was activated?

Dr. Lewis

Tracked changes shouldn’t affect the field codes, but if someone opens it in another program (like openoffice or scrivener, or google docs) it will erase the field codes.  Inadvertant or purposeful “convert to plain text” from the endnote toolbar or erasing field codes in word - will also cause this.