How to make in-text citations appear in bibliography-style


I have a large table with >150 valid in-text citations (some occur multiple times). Instead of the in-text citations I would like to have the full bibliographic information appearing (in the selected journal style). Is there a solution other than manually use “copy formatted”?

Many thanks, Yani

Are they all the same reference type?  If so, you could create the table in a separate document and edit the output style to use the same ref type template from bibliography into the citation template, and alter the author settings to more closely match those in the bibliography.  – then when you inserting the table into the document, you would first “convert citations and bibliography” to “plain text” and copy the table into your final document.  

If there are two ref types, you might try to use the Author (year) template to house the other bibliography template, but it would only work if there is one citation per cell.  

Thank you for the suggestion.

Unfortunately there are six types; putting each citations in one cell each would be fine.

I tried the suggested way (for reference type “Journal Article”): Authors, Title, volume etc. appear correct, but the Journal name is not displayed, it says only “Journal”.

Yep,  you are correct.  You need the template to use the generic names, not the style specific names.  Sorry about that.  So it would need to replace the Journal field, with the words “Secondary Title” in the template.  – While you have 6 Ref types, you could use the this method for your most common ref types, and then manually insert the others with the Ctrl+K shortcut.  

Ref Type specific citations have been requested of the Developers in the past, but not with enough customer base support I guess.