How to make Reference Manager use 'et al' in in-text citations

I’m using Reference Manager 12, and I’m writing a document using Harvard output style.

I want to change the in-text citations to say eg. (Smith et al 2002) if there is more than one author, but I can’t see how to amend the output style to do this.  Can anyone help?

I am a novice myself, but this worked for me in RefMan 11.  Open database as ‘read write exclusive’ (perhaps not an issue in RM12); then Tools/Bibliography/Open Output Style.  Use the dialogue box to find Havard (or whichever OS you wish to amend).  Once the output style is open for editing, delete the script in the lower box (called ‘subsequent citation’).  A preview of what the intext citations will look like is seen in the box below.  Save, and you are done.  Or at least I was.  You might want to save your amended OS with a new name. 

The same editoring dialogue can be used to change ‘et al’ to ‘et al’ for all intext citations, using the ‘Properties/Authors, Primary’ drop down menu along the top.

Good Luck!